Bob’s Epic Adventure: Good News, I’m Not Dead

Written by Bob Hallman on Jan 19, 2018 in Bob's Epic Adventure - 3 Comments
Original post from Facebook 12/9

Let me begin with a Mea Culpa for not updating all of you incredibly kind, loving and prayerful souls who have been waiting patiently for a long-overdue update on my “Epic Adventure”!!

Forgive me for my silence!!

Bottom line — I’ve been having so much FUN hanging out with my new friend, CANCER, and enjoying all the accompanying divine appointments that I literally haven’t had time to generate an update!!

I know it must sound crazy to hear someone to talk like this about a disease that terrifies most and takes the lives of over 600,000 people in the US every year! So, why would I refer to cancer as a “Good Friend”?

Because cancer has:
~ proved my faith in God, elevated my relationship with my Savior, sensitized me to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit,

~ expanded my appreciation for the Bible, deepened and further strengthened my intense admiration and love for Becky, brought my sons, John and Michael (best friends/partners in adventure), daughter-in-love, Sydney, and grandbaby-on-the-way home to Kauai,

~ revealed just how incredibly loving, supportive and Christ-like the people of Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Kauai Bible College and Kauai are

~ provided an easy pathway for ministerial transition to coaching and mentoring that I have been planning for years

~ created opportunities for some very capable young up-and-coming leaders including Josh and Jewel Cucjen, Tim and Madyson Carmickle and so many others to test their wings at CCF

~ opened doors for organic ministry and for sharing the gospel in ways I would’ve otherwise never had

~ satisfied my adventurous spirit and need for risk/adrenaline/creativity (cancer, if nothing else, is EXCITING!)

~ opened the opportunity for me to focus on the things I love to do most in ministry and surrender the things that others can do just as well or better

~ tested my aspiration to be a man of courage and strength in the face of death,

~ refined my understanding of what’s important in life (and what’s not)

~ prompted me to love more fully, hug longer and speak words of encouragement to others more frequently

~ connected us to so many new friends on Kauai and around the world who have filled our lives with joy I didn’t expect or even imagine possible

~ made every camping trip/hike/surf session/mountain bike ride/kayak run/pig hunt/motorcycle ride/open ocean swim and walk on the beach “THE BEST EVER”,

~ opened my heart to a wonderful new canine companion named “Kainoa” (Mahalo, Justin, Grisel and Stephanie)

~ introduced me to the vegan lifestyle (I’m now a card carrying HIPPIE 🙂 and to my high school weight and the best physical shape in 20 years

~ prompted me to do things for God/others/myself NOW instead of waiting for “tomorrow”

~ rejoiced with those who had un-reconciled issues with me as we finally reconciled and now enjoy restored fellowship (still waiting for a few 🙂 —

I could go on and on!!

I’ve been privileged to enjoy a lot of wonderful and transforming friendships in my life, but no one, other than God, Becky and my sons, has ever come close to impacting my life as profoundly and beneficially as cancer!

So, I’m not ashamed to say it LOUDLY and PROUDLY, I am deeply thankful and eternally grateful for my “Good Friend”, CANCER!

Until the next post,


3 Comments on “Bob’s Epic Adventure: Good News, I’m Not Dead”

  • Bill Barnette January 25, 2018 am31 6:52 am .

    Hey Bob,

    Love you brother. Many memories we’ve had together! Thanks for your update. I read them all. Since I last saw you on Kauai I had a scary heart attack (90% blocked arteries). I had a good surgeon at Queens. Lisa continues having her debilitating immune illness going on 25 plus years. You are an encouragement as you have shared your many blessings. Thanks for bringing us all closer to a good God and to remind us to keep trusting Him in all circumstances. Give our love to Becky.

    Bill & Lisa Barnette.

  • Glenda Gerde February 14, 2018 am28 9:09 am .

    Aloha Bob and Becky! I was checking into a trip to Kauai this evening (found all the cheaper hotels are full so not this spring break) and thought I would go online and listen to a sermon or two from your ministry…from where I am right now in Phoenix, AZ. Well, I fell upon the posts regarding the miracles occurring with Bob’s health, and just want you both to know I am praying for you and rejoicing that the Lord is faithful. Many happy memories of having been part of your ministry and wishing you the very best. Sending big hugs from the desert. Great to read your inspiring posts. Glenda

    • Regina April 16, 2019 pm30 8:39 pm .

      Mahalo Nui Loa!!!

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