Hōano Hula Ministry

Na Wahine E Hi’ilani Ia Iesu



4-5  pm – Intermediate Hula  – Let them praise His name with the dance  (Ps 149:3)
5-6  pm – Youth/Adult Beginning

536929_10151278278411463_832107549_n-1Hōano Hula Ministry lifts up the name of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.   Through dance, we exalt our Father of mercy and God of all comfort.

Through hula, our worship, praise and thanksgiving are offered up to the Lord and expressed in the form of graceful motions accompanied by modern musical instruments and songs, either in English or Hawaiian.

In old Hawai’i, the training of ancient, religious hula dancers at the halau hula (hula school) was strict and students followed elaborate rules of conduct (kapu) and had to obey their teacher (kumu).   For example,  dancers were forbidden from cutting their hair or nails and eating certain foods.

Through Hōano Hula Ministry women learn to worship their Creator using the graceful dance of hula.


Crossroads is very blessed to have Kumu Malie leading the Hula Ministry!  She not only teaches girls and ladies how to dance hula, but she also mentors them spiritually and teaches them how to sew their own hula dresses!  These hula sisters can certainly follow Kumu Malie as she follows Christ!  (1 Corinthians 11:1)

Photo credits:  Brian de la Cruz


E Nānā Aku I Ka Nani O Iehova                   Hula

(To gaze Upon the Beauty of the Lord)

(Psalm 27:4)

Ho’okahi mea noi aku au iā Iehova

One thing have I desired of the Lord

‘Oia Ka’u e imi aku ai

That will I seek after

E noho au ma loko o ka hale O Iehova

That I may dwell in the house of the Lord

I nā lā a pau o ko’u ola ‘ana

All the days of my life

E Nānā Aku I Ka Nani O Iehova

To behold the beauty of the Lord

Ae ninau I loko o ka hale O Iehova

And to inquire in His temple


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  • TūtūMāmā Uʻilanimakamaekapolipumehana Kūhaulua November 1, 2014 am30 3:12 am . Reply

    You guyz are beautiful. I am in a little moment of time, wherewith I am weeping inside my soulʻs foundation… The language of hula, hawaiian and compassion are avenues with which Jesus is obviously using and ministering through you women. E hele mua ʻoukou i ka ʻike kūpuna a i ke aloha ʻO Iesū. Me ka ʻoiaʻiʻo a me ka manaʻolana aʻu, pono ka hoohuipūʻia ana a mākou malaila!
    Iesū pū, aloha.

    TūtūMāmā Uʻilanimakamaekapolipumehana Kūhaulua

  • Dori Napua Mitts June 5, 2017 pm30 10:45 pm . Reply

    Aloha, I noticed your website while searching for Christian Hula Halau’s and found you. I am currently living in California, and have a hula sister living in Lihu’e, and am planning to retire and live in Kaua’i during the Winter months. Would you consider working with someone like me? I love hula, but don’t want to dance the temple (kahiko) dances, and dance to God (God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob). I may plan a visit to Kauai to see my hula sister, then go to the block party Aloha Festival in Oahu in September. I have attended many hula conferences in Oahu, and studied choreography by kumu’s website, and attended a hula halau for 8 years.

    It has been my prayer to continue dancing hula for worship to God.



    • ForHisGlory June 6, 2017 am30 3:37 am . Reply

      Aloha Napua. We look forward to meeting you when you visit. Our hula ministry is very active here at Crossroads and you are welcome to join them. Many of our church members and Kauai Bible College students enjoy the ministry.

  • Sarah Eom July 14, 2017 pm31 6:11 pm . Reply

    Hi I live in Northern California near Oakland California. I was part of hula worship team for about a year and the leader loved away and team is no more. Wondering if you know of any groups near me that I can join. Also do you have any information on hul worship conferences either in mainland or in Hawaii where I can learn how to choreograph hula worship dance? I see how anointed and powerful hula worship can be and want to see it used to touch hearts and bring people to Jesus! Blessings and aloha! Sarah

    • ForHisGlory July 26, 2017 pm31 11:14 pm . Reply

      Aloha Sarah, we’ll get this info to the person heading our Hula Ministry in hopes of getting you some information. Blessings

  • Zene A October 10, 2017 am31 8:56 am . Reply


    My name is Liza and I am just so blessed by the hula “Holy(Wedding Day). It inspires me to dance for the Lord. May I have your permission to dance this for the an upcoming church event at the local ministry I attend? This is a song that encourages my heart and I am so grateful for His mercy and grace upon my life. I know I am forgiven for the past things I have done and I want to be a blessing to the Lord. Your ministry is a true blessing to me and I am encouraged to continue to pursue our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for being blessing to Hawaii and the rest of the world. God bless in Jesus name, Amen!

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