Warnings To The Church: End Times

Ladies, you are invited to join us Monday, February 10th at 6pm to hear Bible teacher and speaker, Jackie Fierman of Ariel Ministries speak about Warnings To The Church in End Times.

Bible study starts at 6pm with a potluck salad bar at Dana Galasso’s home. For more details and to sign up, stop by the info table on Sunday at church.

Ariel Ministries Canada was established in 1996 in order to facilitate the ongoing work of evangelism and discipleship of Jews and Gentiles in Canada. Their teaching from a Jewish perspective of Scripture sheds light on passages that might otherwise be misunderstood outside of their historical context, and thus helps all people better understand the Bible and the Jewish thought used by its inspired authors.

“Jackie Fierman is an exceptional teacher and communicator who presents thoughtful, reflective and engaging topics. Jackie has a tremendous ability to develop a connection with her audience and relates with all levels of believers through her solid knowledge of Bible topics.” — Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Founder and Director of Ariel Ministries

Miss Jackie Fierman has been with this ministry since January of 2005, traveling and sharing about this unique ministry in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta, British Columbia, and in the U.S., as well as leading city-wide weekly Bible studies in French using Ariel materials for groups that have participants from up to 16 churches. She has also spoken on radio on numerous occasions, on television, and been a conference speaker at evangelistic meetings as well as at women’s retreats. In June of 2008, she moved to Montreal to facilitate the ongoing work of the ministry

To learn more about Jackie Fierman, visit https://www.ariel.org/

We hope you’ll consider joining us on Monday February 10th to hear her speak. Contact us or call 808 821 2228 if you have questions.