Blessed Beyond Words: Pali Momi Cancer Support Group Update

Written by Bob Hallman on Aug 25, 2017 in Bob's Epic Adventure - No Comments

BLESSED BEYOND WORDS: PM Cancer Support Group Meeting update!

First of all, Becky and I are so grateful to Pali Momi Medical Center and to the Oncology Program Registrar, Joslynn Ojiri, for inviting us to speak at the PM Cancer Support Group!

What an incredible group of women (and supporting husband/handsome Hawaiian named Ken) — so sincere, so knowledgeable, so caring and so incredibly FUNNY!

Secondly, I want to introduce you to one of my 6th floor Nurse’s Aide, Darianne, who helped me as I recovered from my prostatectomy and urinoma surgeries. She is second from the right in white, her mother, Sheila, is on her right and her younger sister, Issa, is left of Becky.

They are Chamorro, indigenous people from the Mariana Islands, specifically from Guam (fascinating new information for me)! Sheila was diagnosed with cancer last year and attended the PM Cancer Support Group for the first time at the suggestion of Darianne who wanted her mom and sister to meet us and hear our testimony.

Suffice it to say, we had a wonderful time talking with and praying for this beautiful, strong, hardworking and loving family!

BTW, Darianne is one of the people who requested and received one of the Study Bibles made possible by the generosity of many of you!! She is reading it regularly, started attending church at New Hope and asked if I would officiate her upcoming wedding!

Lord God, how great is your goodness that you would privilege me to bear cancer that Becky and I might meet all these incredible people and have the honor of pointing them to your Son, Jesus Christ!

Thank you a million times over for your loving kindness to me!! 🙂

As you can imagine, Becky and I left with our hearts filled with joy and our lives inspired by the stories, courage, strength and perseverance of each person in attendance! I’m not sure when our paths will cross again with these wonderful new friends but, in the meantime, would you join Becky and me in praying for the Pali Momi Cancer Support Group and for those battling this disease? No doubt, your intercession and encouragement will be very meaningful to them and their families!

One last thing before signing off: I’ve always made it a practice to answer all my correspondence promptly, including FB responses. However, due to the busyness of life and ministry, the demands of my medical and non-medical cancer treatment protocols and the sheer volume of correspondence, I am no longer able to keep up. So, please forgive me if I don’t respond to each and every FB post/response.

Having said that, please know that Becky and I read your loving, encouraging and uplifting comments and are enormously ENCOURAGED and STRENGTHENED by each and every one!!

Mahalo Nui Loa for understanding and for your continued love, friendship and prayers for us on this AMAZING JOURNEY!

Our deepest love and aloha to you all!! 🙂

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