About Kaua’i

Kaua’i, known as The Garden Island, consistently ranks at the top of lists noting our nation’s and world’s most beautiful islands.  It’s easy to see why people love to visit our island!  Tropical rainforests, lush waterfalls, majestic mountains and long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches create an ideal location for refreshing vacations.

If you’re visiting the Garden Isle, we hope you have a wonderful stay.  Below are some options to consider when planning your trip.  The owners of these businesses also actively serve at Crossroads Christian Fellowship.

Kaua’i – Top Rated Island:

  • “Paradise Found”:  According to “Paradise Found” in The Garden Island Newspaper (Dec 5, 2013), “The Garden Isle recently earned a No. 2 ranking on TripAdvisor’s list of the 10 best islands in the United States, according to the website’s 2013 Travelers’ Choice awards.  Kaua’i was bested only by San Juan Island, Wash., but placed ahead of Maui, 5, and Hawaii Island, 8, as the top Hawaiian island to crack the list.”

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God displayed His magnificence in creating this stunning island!  You’ll enjoy viewing the unspoiled beauty of Kaua’i in this video, “Kaua’i – The Lost World”.


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