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The Results are In! It’s a MIRACLE

August 30, 2017 // 0 Comments

The Results are In and IT’S A MIRACLE!!! I finally received my PSMA PET MRI report from Dr. Eric Small, […]

Blessed Beyond Words: Pali Momi Cancer Support Group Update

August 25, 2017 // 0 Comments

BLESSED BEYOND WORDS: PM Cancer Support Group Meeting update! First of all, Becky and I are so grateful to Pali Momi Medical Center and […]

Keep Calm and Wait!

August 25, 2017 // 0 Comments

Keep Calm and Wait For Test Results: PSMA PET MRI update! As most of you know, I received my PSMA […]

Go Big for God! Redeem the Time! Live the “Epic Life”!

August 21, 2017 // 0 Comments

UCSF PSMA PET MRI: Translation — University of California of San Francisco (UCSF), Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA), Positron Emission Tomography […]

Joy In The Midst Of Cancer : Top 10 Countdown

August 21, 2017 // 0 Comments

How Can There Be Joy In the Midst Of Cancer? I’ve had a number of people ask me, “How can […]

Cancer: The Uninvited Guest

July 26, 2017 // 2 Comments

CANCER: The Uninvited Guest JOY! PASSION! PEACE! These aren’t words that normally come to mind when I think about cancer! […]

Blessed Beyond Belief

July 13, 2017 // 0 Comments

I’M A BLESSED MAN!!! God has given me three incredible GIFTS: The gift of TIME, the gift of a MESSAGE […]

The Gift of Cancer

July 13, 2017 // 3 Comments

THE GIFT OF CANCER Earlier this week, Becky and I were on a beach prayer walk when I suddenly blurted out my […]

July 1 Update: Rejoice With Us!

July 1, 2017 // 2 Comments

REJOICE WITH US and meet some of our new friends from Pali Momi Medical Center! Today, Becky and I stopped […]

June 28: An Update from Pastor Bob Hallman

June 28, 2017 // 2 Comments

Aloha  Thanks for the prayers – God is answering in such amazing and beautiful ways!  My corrective surgery went very […]